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View from the exhibition How I Traveled Around the World (2010), Gallery NON, Istanbul. Photo: Burak Erkil

In January 1985, the General Directorate of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) banned the use of 205 words on TV and radio broadcasts on the grounds that they do not comply with the general structure and operation of the Turkish language and that they are beneath the level of standard Turkish. The order banned words such as “memory, remember, recollection, experimental, motion, revolution, nature, dream, theory, possibility, history, freedom, example, conversation, whole, life,” but it was ultimately repealed.

191/205 is a song created with the Turkish MC Fuat, consisting of 191 of these banned words found in TRT archives and newspapers. 

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Printed on 12’’ LP with an edition of 100 signed copies, 7′ 16’’ + List of words, framed, 38x122cm