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2012, Conversation* with Özge Ersoy on M-est.org.

* Originally commissioned for Aslı Çavuşoğlu: Mercury in Retrograde published by Art-ist and Revolver Verlag, Istanbul, 2012.)

2012, Rack-room on Artslant

2014, Interview with Will Brown for RISD Museum show.

2014, Interview with Sara O’Keeffe for the Surround Audience catalog, New Museum Triennial. 

2015, 1915’te Kırmızı da kayboldu, AGOS

2016, Aslı Çavuşoğlu and Laura Barlow in conversation, Doha, Qatar.

2017, Interview with Nilüfer Şaşmazer for Zero Istanbul. 



2015, We May Have Found Our Murderer: Aslı Çavuşoğlu’s Murder in Three Acts by Kate Sutton. Murder in Three Acts published by Market gallery, Glasgow. Images edited & book designed by Esen Karol.

2015, The booklet accompanied Aslı Çavuşoğlu’s exhibition at Galerija Miroslav Kraljevic Zagreb between 10 June and 4 July 2015.  

2013, The Stones Talk, the book accompanied Aslı Çavuşoğlu’s exhibition “The Stones Talk” held at ARTER between 15 November 2013 and 12 January 2014. 

2013, Intolerance, Antagonism, Foolery by Özge Ersoy commissioned by ARTER for the exhibition catalogue of Envy, Enmity, Embarrassment. 

2012, Aslı Çavuşoğlu: Mercury in Retrograde published by Art-ist and Revolver Verlag.